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Cop Rock: The Musical Cop Show from the ’90s.

August 21, 2017

Yes, this actually happened. It lasted one season and I’m surprised it ran for 11 episodes.

Stranded on a Island: Movie Edition

August 17, 2017

It’s a classic question. If you were stranded on a deserted island and you could only have 3…So here are my choices for the 3 movies I would choose, if I had the opportunity, to watch over and over and over again. I wouldn’t go insane. Don’t you worry. Not on your John Daniel Edward Torrance life!


Heavy, no? But so many layers to it. My second movie I would need, with no less layers, is Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. I couldn’t find my favorite scene, which has Freddy manipulating a woman on a train to buy him dinner. He was a small-time con artist. But when he finally asks for dinner on her dime, he says “two, make it three beers” well, bravo! At any rate, enjoy


That’s only 2. I l know, right? Any suggestions? I can’t watch 2 movies forever….


NFL Pre-Season Preview: Patriots Edition from L.ets F.ace I.t

August 16, 2017

Good afternoon from LFI headquarters!

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Last week we finally had the opportunity to watch actual football played for the first time since “The Greatest Comeback in Super Bowl History”. Optimism is running wild from coast to coast as we approach September. And nowhere has the hype machine been amped up more than right here in ye’ old New England states. We will hold off on our predictions for this season until later this month, but we at LFI thought it was about time to share some thoughts and point out a few interesting factoids about the upcoming season’s schedule.

• 10, or so, thoughts on the upcoming schedule:
1. Early analysis has the Patriots with one of the easiest schedules in the NFL
• This can back fire as there is a correlation between strength of schedule/quality win percentage to predicting the eventual champions.
• Typically, a weaker strength of schedule can over inflate a team’s record and not fully test said team
• LFI will stand by the following statement: This year, it will not matter!
2. The bye week is the exact middle point of the season (8 games before, 8 games after). This is a perfect time for the bye week, as the first game back is a roadie to Denver.
3. Home and Away breakdown is first half (5 Home/3 Away) and second half (3 Home/5 Away).
• Of those home games in the second half, two are the last two weeks of the season.
• Essentially, for the first 14 games, which will likely be the ones that count, they have 6 home games and 8 away games. Not sure it matters, just interesting.
• If the Patriots are the number 1 seed, they won’t play an away game between December 17th and the Super Bowl, if they make it back.
4. Currently there are 5 primetime games (2 Thursday, 2 Sunday, 1 Monday). Barring any unforeseen drama late in the year, I’m confident that number will remain unchanged.
5. 5 of the Patriots last 6 games of the season are against AFC East teams. They only play one divisional game prior to Thanksgiving (at the Jets, October 15th).
• To put that into perspective, the AFC East is predicted to be abysmal. The Patriots will have played 10 games by the time they start this final stretch. If the Patriots are 10 – 0, there is the outside chance they could clinch the division with only one divisional game played.
6. The Patriots do not travel to the west coast this year. Furthest trips are Denver and Mexico City…yes, they play in Mexico this year. Those games are back to back, weeks 10 and 11 (both just after the bye week)
7. Divisions they are playing this year, NFC South and AFC West
8. All of the out of conference games (NFC South) will be played between weeks 2-7.
• The only reason to point this out is that out of conference games are not part of the tie-breaker calculations when looking at seeding for the playoffs. Not a big point, just interesting.
9. They open against Kansas City this year. The last time this happened, a certain Bernard Pollard became the most hated man in New England.
10. LFI Prediction of Toughest Games: Week 7 vs Atlanta, Week 10 at Denver, Week 11 at Oakland (Mexico), Week 15 at Pittsburgh

The LFI staff is working diligently on this seasons predictions! Look for our season prediction special edition before opening night…however, based on our quick analysis of the schedule we do have one sneak-peak prediction we are willing to share:

The Patriots are not going 19-0.


Any fans of The Wire?

August 16, 2017

Here’s the original song of the opening credits

August 16, 2017

Behold! One of the greatest Arcade games from the 80’s. A game I was horrible at. So bad in fact, that I didn’t make it through the two minute mark. Nope, not me. My special-al-ity was Centipede, Mrs. Pac-Man and Galaga (just ask First Ape). Anyway, for all you 80’s kids or Stranger Things freaks, here’s Dirk in his entire glory.

Tales of the Tavern

August 16, 2017

The entrance to the tavern was barely illuminated by a flickering flame hanging over the heavy wooden door. There were some nights when the neighborhood Lamplighter would touch his torch to the candle of Salty Johnson’s and there were some nights when he wouldn’t bother. Not even the bartender of the run-down tavern would think at all to light the only outdoor light source. ‘Wouldn’t make a difference anyway’, he would say to the handful of patrons that never seemed to move from their creaky stools around the old oak bar. He was right, of course. It was rare if anyone came down the steps to the basement tavern. For those that did they were either lost, confused, looking for trouble, or all three. No one came to Salty Johnson’s for the atmosphere.

Gus, the owner, proprietor and bartender of Salty Johnson’s Tavern was topping off another pint for one of his loyal customers when the heavy wooden door creaked open. A hooded figure stood at the entrance. Only Gus looked, or only Gus appeared to look. The newcomer bellied up to the bar without removing any wet clothing. Droplets of water splashed down from the hood onto the dusty counter-top, seeping into the rivers of carved cracks left there from patrons long ago. Gus placed a tumbler in front of the stranger and uncorked a dark bottle, half empty with no sign of a label on its front. The hooded figure stopped the bartender with a motion of a hand. Gus noticed that the hand, tenderly touching the bottle before a pour, was delicate and hairless with faint remnants of purple polish on top of the chipped fingernails and old dirt underneath, trapped and not excavated for days, maybe weeks. This hooded stranger that had just walked into the seediest bar in the neighborhood known as The Docks even took Gus aback and he couldn’t recall the last time that that had happened.

August 16, 2017

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